It’s Just Pretty

A group show held on the 4th floor of 619 Western Avenue for the First Thursday Art Walk in May 2011.
A collaboration designed by Hannah Ludlow, Cherylin Andre, and Tamalin Baumgarten: welcoming all those who choose to participate.
It’s Just Pretty challenges concept-driven, contemporary art.
Concept-based creations come from intellectually adjusting the basic impulse to recreate a human experience.
It’s Just Pretty precedes directly from the origin of our creative inspiration.
We devote our attention to what people find beautiful, letting that remain unclouded by the effort to explain why it is beautiful.
Concept-reliant art often falls so far from its conceived origin that it becomes incomprehensible.
It can build a barrier between the artist’s intent and the viewer’s ability to understand the message.
The work can become over-personalized, leaving the viewer searching for a way in.
It’s Just Pretty aims to relieve the artist and the viewer. We appreciate the organic uniqueness of simple creations.
It’s Just Pretty takes inspiration from the past and its appreciation of technique to create beautiful subject matter,
uninterrupted by heavy and individualized concepts.