Before the camera, people hired artists to paint their portraits. Wealthy people might commission several portraits to be painted in their lifetimes. But for most, the portrait marked a special passage, a time to remember.

Commissioned portraiture is a collaboration between the patron and the trusted artist he or she hires. It is important to me to incorporate the visions of my patrons into paintings that hold true to my style. My goal is to create in the facial expression and body language of the people I paint a way of seeing deeper into their inner character. A stranger who approaches the portrait does not have to recognize the person in the painting to feel a connection to the person. One may gather a sense of familiarity from the expression shown on the subjects face. The viewer may even find a reflection of herself  living in the feeling of the person in the painting. In my work, I seek this kind of universal understanding.

A portrait painted with love and accuracy is timeless. It is special — an object of value and intimacy to be passed down in the family. It is a way to document a special moment in a person’s life, a way to show future generations not only what one looked like, but to commemorate a person’s spirit.